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Times have changed but the love stays the same.

 From the days of Brooklyn, when fans “dodged” incoming trolleys by Ebbets Field.

To days of now where we dodge “Party Buses” en route to Dodger Stadium.

From the rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers in New York.

To the rivalry from the Bay to L.A.

From Sandy Koufax’s perfect game

To Kirk Gibson’s perfect ending.

From hearing the Vin Scully on the radio.

To hearing Vinny on PrimeTicket.

From reading about last nights game in the next day’s paper.

To reading about tonights game on Dodgers.Com later that night

From watching the game in black and white.

To watching the game on your cell phone.

From O’Malley

To McCourt

From Brooklyn

To Los Angeles.

From the Colliseum

To Dodger Stadium

From Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

To Dodger Dogs and Sunflower seeds.

From Walter Alston

To Don Mattingly

From Bums

To Hollywood Stars

From Coast

To Coast

From Maury Wills

To Davey Lopes

From FernandoMania

To MannyMania


Many things have changed over the years, but some things still remain the same.


A steal is still a steal.

Vin’s words with majesty captivate every inning.

A grand slam is still grand.

Tommy is well…still Tommy

Jackie Robinson’s dream is still the dream of thousands of kids.

3 strikes and you’re still out.

No clock. Still 9 innings.

America’s Pasttime is still our pasttime.


Most importantly….

The love for the game remains the same.The passion for every home run. The excitement for every strikeout. The respect for every national anthem.

Players have come and gone, Legends passed away.

But that love for Opening Day, and the grief for the last game is still there.


In less than week we will baptize the 2011 season with…


Finally. It took too long.

Think Blue!





It’s that time of year…

I’ve been busy these months which explains my lack of post on the blog, then again it is the offseason and there really isn’t much to talk about. Nonetheless, here I am sitting at my desk typing away.

Well, It’s that time of the year again, the time when we feel that emptiness of “no baseball” harder than ever. It’s 7:30 and there’s nothing on TV that will fill that void in our systems. So, we find ourselves surfing the web, looking to catch a glimpse of anything Dodgers. There are trade rumors and deals being made and even controverisal articles being written in newspapers.

One story in particular comes from an LA Times writer who explains how Dodger “fans” are upset and even some are not going to games because the McCourt family are the owners. Then, I read people’s reactions to the article and it mind boggles me (guatcha mind boggles, Mr big words) to hear people are actually going to let McCourt know we’re fed up with him by not going to games or by boycotting the Dodgers. I’m sorry, but lets leave that to social movements and politics. This is sports. I’ve said it many times, the beauty of baseball is you get to escape the real world and go into paradise for a few hours. So please lets keep the drama out of the paradise.

I understand that it’s frustrating to have an owner like the one we have. Don’t forget im a Dodger fan also. I know its frustrations speaking when we say “boycott” but really? I understand the folks who cant go to games because of the ticket price increase and in these dire situations they have to use their money in more important items. You’re mad with ownership fine! But why penalize the players? You go to games to watch the game, not watch Frank McCourt sign checks. A lot of you sound like business men rather fans. Believe me, I want the McCourts to sell the team as much as the next guy but let’s sing “take me out to the ballgame” and then speak. It’s okay to not go to as many games, or maybe take your own snacks to the game to save some cash, but if you’re actually going to miss out on the season because you dont like the owner, THANKS! that’s one less so-called “fan” I have to deal with.

Plus, don’t believe everything you read folks. shoot! don’t believe what you’re reading right now but at least think about it and if you’re one of the few who were thinking about boycotting the 2011 season and feel dumb about yourself at this point in the blog…don’t worry you’re not alone.

In a nutshell, its only been 65 days since the 2010 season concluded and most of us like some baseball zombies look for any whisper of the Dodgers to fill the Dodgers winter coldness. Relax, enjoy the offseason, Only good things happen, if good things are what we are serching for. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Think Blue! Support the Troops


Open Letter To Frank McCourt.

Dear Mr. Frank McCourt,

        I am only one of the millions of Dodger fans around the world. On behalf of every Dodger fan who has donned the Dodger Blue since the Brooklyn years, to the present years here in Los Angeles. I come to you with a plea and a request.

        In 1958, Walter Francis O’Malley made a extreme but courageous decision. He decided to move the beloved “Bums” from the boroughs of New York, and move them out West to the suburbs of Los Angeles. He broke thousands of hearts in Brooklyn, but he did what was best for the team and brought the American Pastime to the shores of the Pacific. It is a bright future for not only the Dodgers but for the sport of baseball. Mr. O’Malley held the traditions of Dodgers close to his heart and knew that the fans deserve nothing less than the best, since the fans are the ones that make the Dodgers…the Dodgers.

       52 Years have gone by since Mr. O’Malley brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles and one thing has remained the same. The love and passion the fans hold for the team. Over 3 million fans come through the turnstiles at Blue Heaven on Earth year after year. We’ve had our great years and our dissapointing years. But the vision of Mr. O’Malley still remains bright like the California sun. “Baseball isn’t a business, its more like a disease” those were the words of Mr. O’Malley. We can’t treat our team like business. This team represents a city, it represents you and I. If they fail, we all fail together. If you do look at it as business though. In order to be a competitive business you have to invest. It’s not a secret and its not rocket science, its common sense.

       Players invest their skills to improve the team. Managers invest their knowledge to guide the team. Us, the fans. Invest our passion, love, dedication and capital to support the team. The Owner [You], has to invest his commitment to drive the team and make the right investments to improve it. Anyone can make the easy choice, but we don’t want our owner making easy choices. We want our owner to make the right choices. Making the right choice is not easy, but it is right.

        I respect you as man, but unfortunately as an owner, my respect for you has diminished. Under your current 7 year tenure, along with your family, which began in 2004. We have made it to the postseason 4 out of the 7 years, in which 2 we were one step short of a date with the Fall Classic. Obviously, recently you have some personal issues to tend to within your family. Although, I constantly hear that what happens in your personal life doesn’t affect what is going on the field, I know that it does affect the team and the fans. Actions speak louder than words, the actions you have taken as an owner has been complete silence to my ears.

        I speak on behalf of the residents of world of Dodgertown, when I ask that you Frank McCourt step down as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s not the easy choice, but the right choice. The team, the city and most importantly the fans deserve better. We can’t continue putting money in a vending machine and getting nothing in return. Mr. McCourt this vending machine is out of order. I want to continue to preserve the dream that Mr. O’Malley brought with him from New York for the many years to come. The championship motto from Walter Alston to Tommy Lasorda and to Joe Torre and now Don Mattingly. Teams around us improve each season, while the Dodgers stay put and fail to move forward. The only question I ask is “why not us?” there is no reason as to why the Dodgers are not making the right moves to improve the team.

        You have some personal business to tend to, and Dodger fans cant afford to have an owner who puts his own team on the back burner. You cast a shadow over the team. We ask that you step aside and let the sun shine bright once again. I may only be one voice, but my voice will echo from the Top Deck to dugout and to the Pavilions. At the end of every season it’s not the “McCourt Dodgers” it is the LOS ANGELES DODGERS! Please do me and the rest of the city a favor and sell the team.

-Thank You 

True Blue Dodger Fan.

Think Blue!



End of the Road

Our short summer nights, have become long Fall evenings.

The roar of the crowd after a home run has gone silent.

The traffic on Stadium Way has cleared.

The sweet voice of Vin Scully greeting us, is resting for next year.

and yes…

The frustrations of each blown save are diminishing but still there.

It was a tough year.

Players came and went. Managers moved on and others promoted.

Ownership fighting for control.

After two years of success and being one step from the Fall Classic.

This pain we endured this season, seems odd.

The lights at Blue Heaven are dim for a longer offseason.

There have been many changes at the stadium and on the roster.

But one thing has stayed the same.

The love for this team and this city.

Yeah, we got angry, upset, fed up, frustraded, and dissapointed.

But, thats what being a fan is all about.

The season didnt end the way we planned or the way we expected.

But come April 1st, that passion and that excitement will return stronger than the year before.

It’s gonna be a long October & long winter. I wish I could sleep now and wake up in April.

The baseball season might have ended but my love for the Dodgers hasnt. It’s a full time job, year round. Let the blood from your veins run blue, “Maybe Next year!”

Best of wishes this offseason. 179 days until Opening Day!

Think Blue and Support the Troops!!


A message to the close Dodger Family:

This season certainly was different than all the others. I have met some AMAZING people this season. I traveled to Boston to watch the Dodgers, and went to each Dodger game and met some people who share my same thoughts on the team and have as much love for the Dodgers as I did.

From Boston, where we stayed in the middle of nowhere, to sitting down in the Dugout club, and even with the heat on Player Apperances, this season has been one to remember. Maybe not record wise but the people who i have crossed paths with.

Im ready for next season, but lets not let the end of this season put our friendship on hold.

Lily,Ben, Greg, Jesse, Daisy, Andy, Lizzy, Jackie, Chris, Ashley, Jessica, Patrick, Adrian, Monique, Brittanie, Mario, Turo, Nicole, Michelle, Roberto, Alex, Gaby, Erick, Nicky and I might have forgotten some.

Thanks to all of you who have certainly made 2010 one of the best seasons!!!!

P.S. Ben I still have your Broxton bobbleheads!


“Land of the Rising SON”

What a year for the country of Japan. Especially in these last two days. On Sunday, it was the Little League World Series where Japan defeated Hawaii to capture the Championship, however, on Monday it’s was Hawaii who defeated Japan. Hiroki Kuroda who had a no-hitter through 7 1/3 innings vs. The Phillies (not an easy line up) had his quest into the record books cut short when Hawaii native Shane Victorino roped a line-drive single into right field to get the Phillies first hit. (Kuroda who back in 2008 had Perfect game going into the 8th, had that broken up by Mark Texeira) Nonetheless, Kuroda ended going 7 2/3 innings of scoreless baseball, just a nice masterpiece.

Also in last night’s game, Rod Barajas started as catcher. He is from the southland and always dreamed of playing the Dodgers. Well, not only did he realize hsi dream of playing for the Dodgers, but he hit a home run that hit the top of the left field wall and jumped into the stands. What a moment for Rod, congratulations and welcome home. That was his 3rd home run in a Dodger uniform in 5 games. Our catcher R.J. Martin hit 5 home runs in 97 games so its nice to see some spark from the catcher role.

Game two of the series. Carlos Monasterios vs. Kyle Kendrick at 7:10 on KCAL. Last time Kendrick pitched against the Dodgers, LA scored 9 runs, however the bullpen had issues in the final two innings and in the words of Vin “dont ask how they ended up”. Dodgers 5.5 GB with 30 games to play) and I’m being delusional but only 9GB of the NLW.

I mentioned in the previous posts (feel free to scroll down and look) that the Dodgers needed to keep it close to end the month and make an attack in September, well a win tonight will certainly make it close enough to strike. After the Phillies we only play the Astros for 4 games but all the other games are v. the NLW.

hope is still there….

think blue and support the troops!

Gasping for air!

Well, it really seems like the shadows are creeping in at Dodgertown, USA and the Dodger bandwagon is sinking…sinking fast!

After the Dodgers seemed to have a nice look at the Wild Card after sweeping the Brewers, the Dodgers entered a critical series versus the Rockies. The Dodgers ended up losing 2 of 3 from Colorado and now find themeselves back to square one. If the Rockies series was critical, then the Phillies have a chance to pull the plug on the Dodgers life for this season. As they begin  3-game series at the Ravine Monday night.

The Dodgers are scheduled to end the “Mannywood” movie on Monday sending him to the south side of Chicago in exchange for cash. It wasnt a Hollywood ending for Manny, unless you like Drama flicks, which it had plenty of it. Manny came up to pinch hit, with bases loaded and in a spot to get his ballclub back into the game, instead after ONE pitch, which was called a strike outside, Manny argued with home plate ump Gary Cederstorm (whome had a loose strike zone all game) after a few exchange of words Manny was tossed from the game and off he went, and so did his time with LA. I was upset that Manny got ejected. Manny has been in the business long enough to know what to say and not say at what point of the game. He knew it was an important situation, why not argue after the at-bat is over? In my eyes it looked like Manny gave up on the team, and after being benched its understandable why he might be upset, but in the broad picture, it’s best to break up this relationship. Manny sparked LA and energized the stadium and the city. Great memories and bad memories, Manny helped us and I’m thankful for his service.

Enough about  Manny! The Dodgers are now gasping for air as they come to this last series versus the Phillies 6.5 games back, a sweep of the Phillies and we would be 3.5 (if SF doesnt take 1st place) but we cant do much about that than Win OUR games, if we win then the pressure is on other teams to do their job.

If we are to have a horrible series versus the Phillies please remember, women and children first as you come out of the bandwagon. I will still watch games looking to be spoilers, because I sure wouldnt want the Giants to be in the playoffs, keep hope alive while we can.


think blue and support the troops!


What you’re about to read only tells half of the story. There is no way for me to recreate what has happened in these past days in just words, and I really doubt any of us want to remember what happened.

Frustration. Anger. Disbelief. Dissapointment. Hopeless. These are all words that many of us felt after than horrendous loss to the Phillies. It brought back bad memories of the ’08, ’09 NLCS in which the Phillies stuck it to the Dodgers and they were the ones celebrating on the field, while our Dodgers just watched in defeat. The pain was the same, the heartbreak was deeper, and the season seemed to come to an end when that ball took flight in the bottom of the ninth.

Im not here to tell you how much of a bad closer Broxton is vs. the Phillies, all I have to say is that he is no longer the closer.

This season, has had more downs than ups. Many fans, including myself, might me making plans in October and the Dodgers not being part of them. Currently the Dodgers find themselves 6.5 games out of the Wild Card lead (which seems to be the most realistic way of getting into the playoffs) with 46 games to play. 6 vs. the Giants, 6 vs. the Padres, 12 vs. Colorado, 6 vs. Arizona, 3 vs. Braves, 3 vs. Phillies, 3 vs. Brewers, 3 vs. Reds, 4 vs. Astros. The season is not officially over, but if the Dodgers do plan on making some sort of push they need forget this week, finish August strong and beat up on the NL West teams in September. But its not going to be easy. The more we believe each defeat hurts more.

Vin Scully said it best “those numbers dont mean anything to me, anything can happen in baseball”

Anything can happen, but lets not get our hopes up. Let the games play themselves out and if the dice fall in our favor then they do.

The bond as fans that we have is that we have passion for our team, regardless of where we live. Northern California, Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Canada wherever.. we dont want to give up on the team because thats not what fans do. We share frustrations and we share joys. There is still hope and as long as there is still a bit of hope then the possibilities are endless.

The bums in Brooklyn always had heartbreaks and tough defeats, I guess its just the same bums doing what they do best. Bummed out fans, but we love baseball we love the game, our love for the LA Bums will still be there regardless, tough defeats is only a test of your fan loyalty and after the anger cools down and the game ends, the love is still there.

Anything can happen.

Think Blue and support the Troops!