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LA traffic in this Freeway.

Angels and Dodgers. Its a big deal in Southern California. Sure, it doesnt get enough media attention as when the Mets and Yankees or Cubs and White Sox face each other, but its a big deal in Southern California. You have to pick one side, its either the rich history of the Dodgers or the new found talent of the Angels. oh and add the fact that the Angels adopted the name “Los Angeles Angels of Anehim” and that is enough to make any Dodgers’ fan blue blood boil. There might not be much drama as to physical fights or dramatic controversies, but both fan bases dislike each other just as any other rivalry.

Last year the Angels came to Dodger Stadium and won 2 of 3 from the Dodgers, but Dodgers being nice went to the big “A” and returned the favor winning 2 of 3 from the Angels. Overall the Angels have always had the advantage over the Dodgers in their long history.

(Dodger Stadium blueprints and design originally had a rock water fountain beyond the centerfield fence, however, due to whatever reason the Dodgers did not build that portion of the Stadium, the rocky water display is now found beyond Angel Stadium’s center field fence.)

Now in 2010 its a different story. Behind Joe Torre the Dodgers looked to cruise through the season and maybe finally jump the hurdle of the NLCS and head to the World Series. The Angels on the otherhand looked to attempt and have a succesful season with the departures of John Lackey, Vladimir Guerrero. and Chone Figgins. 

Its average season so far for both So. Cal teams. head-to-head though the Angels make this Freeway series a one way lane. Dodgers through 5 games have been unable to pick a win or pick up a base runner in scoring position. It almost seems like there are truly guardian Angels helping the Angels. Everything that goes right for the Dodgers goes better for the Angels. Angels capitalize on Dodger mistakes and Dodgers fail to take advantage of the few Angel errors. It almost feels as if the Dodgers are….well….cursed. Bad call by umpires and game tying hits turn into game ending baserunning errors. Shutouts are erased one pitch. Dodgers feeling blue in the Freeway series while the Angels remain red-hot. Dodgers need to get out of the LA traffic and get to work.

What we have to remember is that its early in the season. There is still a lot of baseball to play and room for improvement. As much as we would like to beat our rivals and as frustrating as it might feel. Go to sleep and hope that a winning streak begins the next day. What good do we do ourselves of thinking of the “could of, should of, would of” lets look at what has been going well and where we can improve. The Dodger offense just needs to wake up, pitching has been doing well. But it seems as when the pitching shows up, the offense doesnt show up or vice versa. its a roller coaster ride this season. but lets hope that this talented Dodgers club can pull it together and string some wins together to get on top of the NL West. its not impossible, it might seem like it by the way theyre playing but with one victory it starts something new. Baseball is no joke, but it is funny how it all works.

Dont stop Believing and Keep Thinking Blue.

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