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The Boss

   Baseball is a paradise. Baseball is an escape. For 7 months baseball makes our nights shorter and our summer days warmer. Baseball is unlike the other sports. There is no time to pressure you. Baseball is home to the unexpected and where anything is possible. Baseball has thousands of players, hundreds of coaches, and millions of fans. Even though its a large baseball community, yet you feel so close to one another.

    From Vin Scully’s sweet charming way of making every game like a story you wish it never ended, to Bob Sheppard’s calm and soothing voice announcing the next batter. From Albert Pujol’s towering home runs to Sandy Koufax’s pitching perfection. From die-hard fans who take in more baseball than oxygen to Walter O’Malley’s vision of shifting baseball to the West Coast. Baseball is all over the World but it lives in our hearts.

   Like in every family it hurts and its tough to intake  when we lose a member of our family. On July 13, 2010 we lost a pioneer and a legend of the baseball family. George Steinbrenner, “The Boss”. Mr. Steinbrenner is a prime example of what a sports owner is all about. But who knew a small three-letter word would generate so much success and so much controversy. WIN. That was all George cared about, anything less was not acceptable. “Show me good loser and i’ll show you a loser” that was Mr. Steinbrenner’s motto. With all the success that George brought with him came much envy and controversy. Some people disliked the decisions he made and disliked his “iron fist” way of making decisions. George would get rid of anyone that he saw was a hurdle to victory and if he couldnt get rid of them he would buy them. “If you can’t beat them, join them”. George turned a franchise into an empire. Mr. Steinbrenner changed baseball. Baseball is a fun sport, its a fun sport until you lose, then its heartbreaker.  

      From the freeways of Los Angeles, through the Arch in St. Louis, through the beaches of Florida and to the torch of Lady Liberty, Mr. Steinbrenner is honored and respected by everyone in the baseball family. You didn’t have to love him, but only respect him. Imagine Wrigley Field without the ivy, Fenway without the green monster, the White House without a President, and baseball without bats…it’s just not the same. 

      We put our country before our team. We have to be respect the game before we call ourselves fans.Family comes first and today we lost a member of our family.Today “The Boss” meets “The Big Boss” but im sure that as he entered the gates in baseball heaven, Bob Sheppard “The Voice of God” announced his arrival. You will be missed boss.