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Extreme Makeover: Dodger Edition.

We’ve all seen the “Extreme Makeover” show, in which they go into homes and tear everything down and gives the home a complete new look that it’s unrecognizable. Well, right now as you’re reading this, up in the Elysian Park hills they’re doing the same thing but not only to Dodger Stadium but to the franchise as a whole.

A year ago the team was still under control of “he who shall not be named” and coming off a disappointing season. A list of candidates eager to buy the team. The Dodgers were on the news constantly for all the wrong reasons, from stadium violence to divorce courts. It was gloomy around Dodgertown and that cloud of uncertainty kept looming.

Then came the Guggenheim group with Magic Johnson as the poster child and it was a new bright day at Dodgertown once again. Immediately prices per parking went down and cool-a-coos were brought in. The future looked promising.

As great of an impact the group had from the get-go. We still weren’t sure how the team was going to shape up, after all we do come to Dodger stadium to watch the team…and eat a cool-a-coo.

With all due respect to our players, the Dodgers a year ago and years previous were known as the dumpster divers. We would look to what other teams didnt want, put pieces together and called it a team. But now, these Hollywood stars want nothing but the best. Big name acquisitions, Crawford, AGon, Hanley, Beckett, Greinke, Ryu and forth. The Guggenheim group has given this team a complete face lift and boob job. This team is unrecognizable opposed to a year ago. This team looks great…on paper.

Before we start claiming victory and start thinking about a parade in the fall, lets all take a second and remember that this game is not played on paper, a season is long and anything can happen from April to October. Having great players doesn’t necessarily mean a great season (just ask the Lakers). As I see it right now, I see a lot of individuals. I want to see a team, because as Bill Taylor once said “Players win games, Teams win championships”. And it’s been way too damn long since we won a championship.

But it’s okay to be ecstatic, the excitement of Opening Day. All the pomp and circumstance. Opening Day this year is a little different. It’s opening a new chapter in Dodger history. A team that won’t settle for less, a team that understands the fans are everything and a team that earns respect not only nationally but also internationally. It’s a new era of Dodger baseball.

If you love baseball as much as I do, possibly more. You know how special it is to walk into Dodger Stadium on Opening Day. You feel like a little kid again. Nancy Bea, the Dodger dogs, batting practice and just excited to see some baseball once again. At Dodger Stadium is where your problems go to die, or at least put on hold for 3 hours. It’s a place of relaxation, until Uribe comes up to bat. It’s a place to have fun. It’s almost time to go home.

The final stretch of months, weeks, and days are going to feel the longest. But come April 1st, there won’t be no fooling around. The mission is clear. World Series or bust. Lets unite, ONE city, ONE team, ONE goal.

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