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No ink in this Pen.

What a real tough series for the Dodgers. Let me get this out of the way right now. Dodgers over the past few years have not been the best team in St. Louis only winning something like 4 games. For those of you that know me, know I have always said I HATE St. Louis. Not the city itself, just because the fact that our team plays poorly.

   But this series was something else, not only did we get swept in a 4-game series. But Sunday’s loss was the cherry on the top when it comes to humiliation. But it happens to best of teams. No baseball fan/player/coach likes to be “walked-off” on. The Dodgers were in control the entire game, but it comes to show how funny baseball is. Dodgers were amazing through 7 innings but did bad in 2 innings, yet still lost. No doubt that this game has to be blamed on the bullpen (whats new right?)

    This year our starting pitching has been good…not great just good. Last year it was the same way, but our bullpen was there to backup the starters and finish a game, no problem. This year a different story. Pitchers called up, pitchers sent down, pitchers hurt, fans heartbroken. It seems like everytime the Dodgers have a slim lead, its the toughest for the pen to preserve a lead. Now, it feels like its a matter of time. If not this inning the next. There has been some good pitchers in our pen. Kuo has been great and well….thats it. But due to the history of Kuo we cant use his arm like we use our phones, his arm will die. Our back end has been the worst. Sherrill being horrible to say the least, while Broxton not being able to close within pressure. A closer is suppose to be reliable and although he has All-Star status, Broxton is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

The trade deadline is approaching and as much as we all want an Ace, to be honest I wouldnt mind getting a few good relief pitchers, because whats the point of bringing in an Ace if our bullpen will throw his good start down the tubes. Our starters can get us some good starts but our ‘Pen is dry, there is no more ink left to sign, seal and deliver a win.

Tomorrow the Dodgers return to the Ravine, to face the Giants. Once again the Dodgers need to use the Giants as a spring board to bounce back up. They are about 5 GB but its not impossible to come back up, 70 games left. If you remember in 08 they found themselves in the same position vs. Arizona and towards the end of August they exploded and took the lead in the NL West to win it and get to the NLCS, its frustrating but lets dust ourselves off and get ready for the next series.

Think Blue and Support the troops!