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Deal or No Deal?

What a month of July it was. The Dodgers ended the month on a sour note, and when you have so much love for your team any loss hurts. But a loss your rivals is as close as dagger through your heart. But that was yesterday, the Dodgers are on Sunday Night Baseball tonight at 5pm. (I wonder how many times Joe Morgan is going to talk about his home run that eliminated the Dodgers back when he played). The Dodgers are tied for 3rd in the NLW 7 GB of the Padres and in the NLWC they are 5.5 GB of the Giants. There is two months left for the Dodgers to make a push, they need to play a good August to get close to the Padres or who ever is the Wild Card leader at the end of the month. We can’t think ahead of ourselves. No playoffs, no next series, no next month. Focus on each game, if we win there is nothing more we can do but hope that the teams that need to lose…lose. When you look back at the last few years the Dodgers seem to always hit a rough stretch in July (which is what happened) but come August and they heat up, for the good of the team lets hope history repeats itself. I still have faith and remain highly optimistic that the Dodgers will in the NLDS come october, but it should be very interesting.

One more note I wanted to comment on and give you my opinion was the Trade dealine, the Dodgers made three key moves. They traded with the Royals, Cubs, Pirates. They received Scott Podsednik, Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot and Octavio Dotel. They lost Blake DeWitt, James MacDonald and a few minor leaguers. Now, I was surprised yesterday to see the reaction from fans to DeWitts trade and MacDonalds. Certain Dodger blogs out there and various reporters were ripping Ned and Frank apart for the deals made yesterday, but point is its done. I understand DeWitts age, I understand DeWitts potential, he CAN be a breakthrough athlete but what IF he wasnt? DeWitt was younger than Theriot but the numbers seem about the same, you have to take risks in order make something happen. We needed a starting pitcher, we got one. Then there is talk about “thinking of the future” what will happen in the future, when we havent won a World Series in 22 years i think we are done waiting…i think enough of looking into the future and looking into the present. The problem now a days is that we think too much about it and sometimes the people who once used to be fans turned into “bloggers”, they put being a blogger before being a fan. I understand we need to be considerate of what is up ahead but we also need to think of now. I feel as if Ned Colletti was a loser before the trade deadline. If he didnt do anything those same “bloggers” wouldve kicked and scream, and since Colletti did do something they still kicked and scream. In baseball, players come and go and some hurt more than others. We dont make the decisions we just have to suck it up and keep the support of our team, but then again since some of us have shaded away from that mentality and look to criticize anything and everything to get more readers, i guess thats more important. I think those deals were fair, and it improved the club right now. I am not a GM and not a baseball owner, I am not a reporter or a scout, I am simply a fan, whoever is on the field has my support to do good. I dont do myself any good to spread animosity among a group. I just hope the smoke coming out of your ears has stopped.

The offense and the Dodgers will look to return in August, against the Giants tonight! Lets Go Dodgers! I will be waiting to buy my playoff tickets.