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Saving the best for last.

What a series!! The Dodgers marketing team spent every dime possible to promote the Dodgers v. Yankees series: TV commercials, buses, billboards, newspaper, ticket offers. But in my mind all that was really uneccessary. We knew how HUGE this series was gonna be and now the memories of the series is left, but what a series it was.

Dodgers really impressed me. Interleague play has not been very kind to the Dodgers in recent years (worst IL record since 05) but this was different, it wasnt just any American League ball club it was the Yankees.

Game 1 it was CC Sabathia, and Vicente Padilla. CC kept the Dodgers to one run but very surprisingly Padilla kept the Bombers to 2 runs, the Dodgers really didnt have many opportunities to make gold out of nothing, CC was dominating. At one point in the game, Padilla hit Robinson Cano, and then when Padilla came to bat he was hit by CC. Now, I dont think the Yankees really thought about that decision. We are talking about Padilla who has been known as a head hunter (just ask Texeira) but heck if Padilla wouldve injured a Yankee, they probably wouldve bought someone at the deadline to replace him. Final score was 2-1 in a very controversial 9th inning where Loney was struck out by Rivera to end the game but Loney didnt like the calls and was ejected after the game. Frustration got the best of them. But respect to Mariano Rivera one of the best closers, if not the best, which shows you dont have be an Iron Man just know where to locate your pitches.

Game 2 was Burnett v. Kuroda on FOX, Dodgers were down 3-0 in the first but that was pretty much all the action the Yankees saw because the Dodgers jumped on the struggling AJ and took game 2. Nice offensive game by Loney. I mentioned a while back that it was going to be Loney who was going to be the player of the year for the Dodgers, and I still believe that. Loney is batting where he is going to faced with RISP and he needs to be clutch and so far his numbers have shown his success. Not many home runs but he’s getting them in.

Finally the most dramatic game of the series. Kershaw and Pettite. Everything went amazing for KKKKKershaw, who didnt walk any batter in 7 IP, first time in his young career he doesnt walk a batter, and he made one mistake pitch to A-Rod, a 2 run home run. But aside from that Clayton was dominating. Then came the 9th, the Dodgers with a 4-run lead, Torre brings in Broxton, 16/18 in saves and a .88 ERA. but it was the heart of the Yankees line up. Long story short, Broxton gives up 4 runs and then Cano hits a 2 run HR in the 10th to give the Yankees an amazing comeback and victory. gloomy day in Dodgertown.

But was i was dissapointed with Broxton is that he wanted to be “pretty” with his pitches against the bottom of the Yankees line-up. These were not the Texeiras or Jeters or Rodriguez it was with all due respect Yankee “Scrubs” and Broxton was being careful, go after them attack them dont get fancy but the Dodgers let this one get away from them and the Yankees won the series 2-1. But im sure by the end of the series, we are glad we dont have to listen to Joe Morgan and John Miller look to bash the Dodgers in any way they can while our own Orel Hershiser defends us, thanks Bulldog.

Amazing series, unfortunately i was unable to attend any of the games for personal reasons but they were all great games, we cant win them all and im sure it was frustrating for Joe Torre, it was frustrating for everyone fans, players, coaches. plus Ive never seen so many players get ejected in one week!!  anywho Goodbye American League until the World Series.

The Dodgers go north to face the hated Giants, and the Dodgers have had their name tattoed in all the NL West teams, having something like a 15-4 record against them, maybe its just what the Doctor ordered. Heartbreaking loss but lets win tomorrow and get back on the saddle. Dont dwell on a loss then you wont be able to focus on the win.

Think Blue, God Bless our Troops!


All eyes on the West.

The Dodgers ended their final game with the Anaheim Angels (i still refuse to call them LA) on a high note, they put double digit runs on the board (10)and although the bullpen was a bit shaky giving up 6 runs, at the end of the day a win is a win. This victory is not only big because the Dodgers avoided a season sweep of their rivals down the I-5 but because the Dodgers needed to gain some momentum of some sort heading into the series versus the Evil Empire, the Bronx Bombers, the Pinstripes…The Yankees.

The Yankees are in town and the Dodgers are back into the national spotlight. Last weekend the Dodgers traveled to Boston where Manny Ramirez made his return to Fenway Park after a very ugly departure, well this weekend Joe Torre will face off against the team he formerly managed and won 4 world series championships for the New York faithful. He wont have to worry about fan reaction, he will be within the friendly confines of Dodger Stadium where you can bet 56,000 fans are anxious to see A-Rod, Jeter, Texeira, Sabathia make a rare Dodger Stadium visit during the season.

For the older generation it will bring back flashbacks of the Ebbets Field times, where the Bums couldnt beat the Yankees in the World Series if their lives depended on it. It will bring back flashbacks of 1955 when those same Bums beat the dreaded Yankees and capture its first World Championship. Flashbacks of Reggie Jackson andFernando Valenzuela. For the new generation its different. Its East v. West. Sabathia v. Ethier, or Kershaw v. Rodriguez. its Joe Torre against New York. No matter which way you look at it, its not just a ballgame, heck its not just baseball. It’s a war.

Dodgers will look to their maturing players of Ethier, Kemp and Loney to provide the offensive boost. While they will need their fragile pitching staff to hold up enough to keep the Bronx Beast to a minimum. Dodgers need to play more soundly out there, avoid those small mistakes on the base paths, at the plate or on the mound, because the smallest mistakes can make the biggest difference at the end. For the Yankees, is there really any flaws in this ballclub, the Yankees need to score runs EARLY, they have a disadvantage given they are an AL team and are playin in a NL park. So they dont have a DH and they have to manage correctly in certain situations to avoid forcing themselves to pull a pitcher or send a pinch hitter.

This is truly an amazing series, and it should be fun. The Dodgers want nothing more than to beat the Yanks, and although Joe Torre wont admit it, you know deep down he wants to stick it to his old club.

Primetime all weekend. On FOX tomorrow and on ESPN Sunday night baseball.

Talk to you all once again on Sunday to recap this series, hopefully to brag about a Dodger sweep of the Yankees.

Think Blue! & support the Troops!